Ishtar Ascendant


The Ishtar Ascendant installation demonstrates how sound & electromagnetic waves within our brain can be used to make us feel better, introducing
greater harmony between humans and thier physical surroundings via the phenomenon of resonance.


Ishtar Ascendant is a story about each one of us, and our place in the world. There are positive and negative/good and bad sides to everything that goes on. The Ishtar Ascendant project is designed specifically to make people aware that the power to switch from one to the other lies innate within us, hard-wired into our brains and the way our brains interact with our consciousness and sense of self-awareness. Regardless of our race, religion or personal orientation, this fundamental phenomenon enables each of us to bring about greater harmony within a turbulent global world order. Using an EEG headset to monitor brain waves and help achieve a relaxed, meditative state via intelligent intervention based on a deep knowledge about the fundamental properties of sound, and the effects that these electromagnetic waves can have on the human body and mind. Ishtar Ascendant is not a musical exploration or performance event based on melodic flows or tonal harmony – it is a practical tool designed to provide “gymnastics for the brain”, and to help achieve a state of greater relaxation, akin to daydreaming. Using such a relaxation set-up for just half an hour a day can make a big difference to people’s sense of well-being. Conceived to illustrate hidden realities

The Ishtar Ascendant installation illustrate the fundamental fact that humans are surrounded by sound waves and electromagnetic waves in countless different forms, some as yet still tantalisingly beyond the realm of modern physics. Some we can hear, but the vast majority are inaudible to the human ear.
The development work behind it, is an exploration of what different kinds of audible and inaudible sound waves mean for human wellbeing and the motions that engulf us, as well as for our individual, personal perceptions of how we feel under different conditions. Not in the sense of subjective opinions, but as can be documented by the specific patterns of brainwaves within our heads. Normal human beings can only hear from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, declining with age. We may not be able to hear sounds below 20 Hz, but we can feel them, provided the loudspeakers have the required capabilities.

The Ishtar Ascendant installation provides sample documentation of the effects that the sounds and electromagnetic waves surrounding us have on the way we feel. It also illustrates how other kinds of electromagnetic waves within our brain can actually be used to alter and improve the way we feel, introducing greater harmony between humans and their physical surroundings via the phenomenon of resonance. Sound affects the way we behave, and how we react to our surroundings. The Ishtar empathetically and efficiently with these conditions, and use our own volition and self-determination to alter and improve our lives and how they are lived.